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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need insurance?
Norwegian Cruise Line´s liability is limited by international agreements and the Terms and Conditions of Passage. We therefore recommend purchasing appropriate travel, health and luggage insurance before your cruise. Your travel agency will be happy to assist you. In addition, please see www.ncl.eu for further information and to purchase insurance via our partner Europäische Reiseversicherung AG. If buying insurance, please note you´ll receive the documents from the insurance company directly. In the occurrence of an insured event, please contact the insurance company. Please be aware that you need to hand in any claims to the insurance company in writing within one month after the end of your voyage.

How many suitcases can I bring?
For your cruise, we recommend bringing up to two pieces of personal luggage, with each piece weighing a maximum of 22 kg. If travelling by air, there can occur different restrictions. So please check the baggage and hand luggage restrictions of your airline. Should your airline allow you to carry more luggage, this will be accepted on board, too. All pieces of luggage should be clearly labelled with your name, address and a contact number. The ship luggage tags should be placed on your luggage no earlier than on the day of embarkation. Please ensure that your stateroom number is clearly shown to avoid delays in luggage delivery to your stateroom. In case you have booked a so-called guarantee cabin and have not received your stateroom number with the travel documents, please put "GTY" on your luggage labels.
Your stateroom will not be available until 14:00 and you won´t be reunited with your luggage until late afternoon. So you may want to consider carrying a small bag with any essential items such as medicines (in their original containers), important documents, fragile items, keys, jewellery and other valuables as well as a change of clothes in case you want to relax by the pool.
Airlines and Norwegian Cruise Line have limited liability for loss and damage, so be sure all luggage and personal belongings are properly insured.
If you are bringing your golf clubs or a wheelchair, they are permitted on board the ship, but do check with your airline for any restrictions they may have.
If the "Easy Walk-Off", where you are carrying all your own luggage off the ship, is not an option for you, your suitcases are collected the night before disembarkation, so be sure to pack an overnight bag with your personal essentials. Please note that the "Easy Walk-Off" cannot be offered in all disembarkation ports.
Porter service is available at each pier during embarkation and disembarkation for luggage assistance. The customary tip for porters is the equivalent of US $1 per bag (US $2 per bag in New York).
Things to consider when packing:
• Hair dryers and towels are available in all staterooms.
• Irons can be requested at the front desk and laundry service is also available.
• Pool/Beach towels are available for your use on board and ashore.

Which vaccinations might be necessary?
At the time of printing, no vaccinations were required for any of our destinations. Since recommended immunizations and other health precautions often change, we suggest that you consult your doctor, the local public health department or the Centre for Disease Control in time before departure.

What if I am pregnant?
Congratulations! Rest assured that Norwegian Cruise Line will make every effort to accommodate you. However, to ensure your medical safety, you must complete all travel by the 24th week of pregnancy. Please carry along a medical certificate in English establishing your due date and fitness to travel. Please be aware that Norwegian Cruise Line will not be responsible or liable for any complications of pregnancy that occur during the cruise.

What about people with special needs?
We welcome guests with special needs. All of our ships have designated staterooms with wider doorways and more spacious bathrooms that will accommodate wheelchairs and staterooms with light- and under pillow vibrating alarms for guests with visual/hearing impairments. Please see your travel agent, contact Norwegian Cruise Line or click here.
However, the following conditions apply: any physical challenge or medical condition that requires special treatment or attention must be reported to Norwegian Cruise Line at the time of booking. For certain conditions we ask for affirmation and liability forms. Due to unpredictable circumstances associated with a ship at sea, we reserve the right to refuse or revoke passage to anyone who, based upon objective standards, is in a physical or mental condition that jeopardizes the safe operation of the vessel, who poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others or who may require care beyond that which we can provide.
Please alert us prior to cruising if you have any special needs or medical equipment you are required to bring on board. Failure to do so may result in equipment not being cleared before departure. We can also assist in having the required equipment delivered to the cruise terminal.
All guests with special needs must be self-sufficient and should travel with a companion who will provide any assistance needed during the cruise or in the event of an emergency. The services mentioned (provided by Norwegian, its auxiliary person, staff, service provider or authorized persons) do not belong to the contractual provisions as long as no other agreement has either been expressly made or is mandatory by law (especially in journeys by plane according to the regulation (EG) Nr. 1107/2006 as of 5. July 2006 concerning the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility). Guests who use a wheelchair must provide their own small, collapsible type and should inform Norwegian Cruise Line at the time of booking. Motorized wheelchairs and scooters are welcome; however, they must be powered by gel-cell batteries. Due to safety regulations, we cannot accept any wet-cell or acid-battery-powered wheelchairs on board the ship. The wheelchair battery charger must be adaptable to 110 volts. To ensure the safety of our guests and crew, wheelchairs may not be used to transfer from the ship to a tender. Guests in wheelchairs may consequently not be able to participate in certain activities or programmes in tender ports.
Other medical equipment, like oxygen therapy, must also be selfprovided. Liquid oxygen is not allowed on board.
Every Suite and nearly every stateroom have refrigerators for storing pharmaceuticals that must be kept cold (except for Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Epic and Norwegian Getaway, where they are everywhere but not in the Studios).
For visually impaired guests: service animals are welcome on board (unfortunately no other pets are allowed). Guests travelling with service animals must make sure that they have obtained all customs and governmental clearance to disembark the service animal in the various ports of call they will be visiting. They must also provide Norwegian Cruise Line with the proper health certificates and vaccination papers. This must be done prior to the cruise.
Requests for special diets should be made at the time of booking and at least two months before departure. Special meals are available, including low calorie, vegetarian, gluten-free, no-MSG, low-/no-sodium and low-/no-cholesterol meals, as well as sugarfree and fat-free desserts and kosher meals. Special diets cannot be guaranteed on flights and tours.

What are the customs regulations?
Customs allowances may vary depending on the itinerary and are subject to change. Please check on board, with your Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the respective customs authorities for the most up-to-date information.
You are not permitted to bring fresh fruit, meat products, fresh milk products or plants into the U.S. Upon re-entering the EU from third countries, certain duty-free allowances apply. In the best case an adult returning by air from a third country to the EU can import duty-free up to 200 cigarettes, a litre of spirits, four litres of wine, 16 litres of beer and 430 EUR of other goods.

Where and when can I board the ship?
You can only embark at the designated port of embarkation.
There are two important times to note in your eDocs. One is your embarkation time and the other is your departure time:
• Embarkation time is when you should arrive at the cruise terminal. We ask that you please do not arrive any earlier than one hour prior to the embarkation time noted in your eDocs, because security regulations might prohibit early entrance.
• Departure time is when your ship will set sail. We highly encourage you to board no later than two hours prior to the departure time noted in your eDocs. This will give you enough time to complete your check-in at the cruise terminal before boarding; your Online Check-In form must be completed prior to arrival – at least four days before sailing. Check-in will close one hour before departure.
During embarkation food and beverages are offered on board.
Please note that guests will not be able to board after check-in has closed. Any late arriving guests may join the ship at an approved port of call in the scheduled cruise itinerary. Such guests will be responsible for all applicable fees and travel expenses to that subsequent port of call.

What does my cruise fare include?

Your cruise fare pays for your accommodations, meals and entertainment (unless part of a dining entertainment production) aboard the ship as well as all Government Tax, Port Expenses & Fees. Also included in the cruise fare are iced water, iced tea, tea and regular coffee during meals as well as certain juices during breakfast.
The speciality restaurants have à la carte pricing or a cover charge of between US $15 and US $49 per person (charges are subject to change) and à la carte pricing for special menu options. Items of a personal nature, like alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, spa and beauty treatments, use of the wellness facilities on the majority of our ships and bowling alleys, casino, Shore Excursions, certain speciality exercise classes, on-board seminars, dry cleaning and laundry, purchases in our shops on board, photographs, ship-to-shore-phone, satellite connection for mobile phones, e-mail, Internet, faxes as well as service charges and gratuities are not included.
Before or on the first day of your cruise you can purchase a beverage package for unlimited fountain soda throughout the entire cruise.
Please note that in order to comply with Spanish tax regulations we are required to charge Spanish VAT on applicable items purchased on board on cruises from/to Barcelona as well as on all cruises whilst the ship is in Spanish waters. Applicable items are, amongst others, alcoholic beverages, items from the minibar, retail items and cover charges in our speciality restaurants.
Please note that because of Coast Guard regulations you will not be able to store your golf clubs in your stateroom. Your clubs will be stored in Norwegian Cruise Line´s secure golf locker for a valet service fee. If you have reserved one of our hotel packages you will also need to cover the costs of meals and drinks in your pre-cruise/post-cruise hotel. Our hotel packages in Europe include breakfast.

Is cash needed aboard? How can good service be honoured?
On-board account
The currency aboard our ships is the US $. However, you will not need to carry around large amounts of cash on board because we have made paying for on-board expenses very easy. When you check in for your cruise, you open a shipboard account all purchases made on the ship are charged to.
Make sure to sign up on the day of embarkation by establishing a method of payment: with credit cards like Visa®, MasterCard® or American Express or alternatively with traveller´s cheques in U.S. $ or cash. Please note that we cannot accept Eurocheque cards.
When your credit card is entered to activate your on-board account, an initial approval is obtained from the bank. Please be advised that throughout the voyage, incremental holds will be obtained by your lending institution based on your on-board expenditures. Some banks may hold these for 30 days, even though your expenditures are already debited. This will reduce the amount of available credit on the credit card. Authorization-hold releases are solely within the discretion of your lending institution.
If you prefer to pay by cash or traveller´s cheques, you will need to lodge a deposit of US $300 per person (7 night cruise), US $150 per person (cruise up to 6 nights) or US $450 per person (cruise of 8 nights and more at check-in (subject to change)”. More money can be deposited depending on what the guests plan to spend. Once guest has exceeded the deposited amount, the account will be closed to further charges. Deposits can be made throughout the cruise. However, refunds cannot be made until the day of disembarkation for any excess. Cash (US Dollars) can be used to pay off the account at the end of the cruise. US Traveler´s Checks can be cashed onboard and are the same as cash. There are no fees to use Traveler´s Checks onboard. Personal checks will not be accepted, nor can they be cashed onboard. If the limit is exceeded, a notice will be sent to the stateroom requesting an additional deposit. Personal cheques or currencies other than the US Dollar cannot be accepted on board. Those guests who opted for a cash deposit will have to come to the reception area on the morning of disembarkation for the final settlement of their bill.
Norwegian Cruise Line no longer provide foreign currency exchange services on board, and US dollars is the only form of currency accepted for the settling of our guests´ onboard account. If our guests are in need of US currency for their upcoming cruise, we encourage them to obtain it prior to embarkation. Guests wishing to open an onboard account using cash at the port will need the required US dollar amount. Euros are no longer accepted, regardless of destination.
When making an on-board purchase, guests need to show their stateroom key card and sign their name and stateroom number. Guests will receive a copy of each cheque they sign, as well as an itemized final bill at the end of the cruise. Please note that casino play cannot be charged to your on-board account.
The night before disembarkation your account statement will be delivered to your stateroom. Questions regarding any discrepancies should be settled at the reception prior to leaving the ship. We recommend you to do so at your earliest convenience, in order to avoid delays on the day of disembarkation. If you have registered a credit card and your statement is correct, on the day of disembarkation you can simply leave the ship with your key card. Please note that any purchases made after your final statement was issued will not be charged automatically to your credit card and you will have to pay these extras at the reception desk on the day of disembarkation. An exception to this are items from the minibar consumed on the last evening of the cruise which will be charged to your credit card.
Please also keep in mind that it is always worth having a small amount of local currency for immediate expenses on arrival at your destination and for any purchases you make at your ports of call. Traveller´s cheques and most major credit cards are accepted in the ports we visit.

Service charge
We are confident that you will enjoy your Freestyle Cruising experience and that our entire crew will provide you with the standard of service for which Norwegian Cruise Line is known. An optional service charge (currently US $15.00 p.p./day in the following categories: Studio, Inside, Oceanview, Balcony & Mini Suite; US $18.00 p.p./day in Suites & The Haven Suites; no charge for children under 3) will therefore be charged to your onboard account. The service charge can also be paid in advance of the cruise by contacting our reservations department or via the your travel agent. This charge will be shared among those staff members, including the restaurant staff, stateroom stewards and other behind the-scenes staff, who provide services that enhance your overall cruise experience. If you have any concerns about the service you receive during your cruise, please let our on-board reception desk staff know right away, so we can address any issues in a timely manner. In the unlikely event that we can´t resolve your issue, you can have the service charge adjusted on board. We do however kindly ask you to grant us an adequate time period in order to correct our services. Our clear priority is to have the opportunity to resolve your issue to your satisfaction as quickly as possible and that any necessary adjustments be made toward that goal. Where the service charge has been pre-paid before departure, refunds are not available on board and you must apply for a refund, if applicable, after your return home by writing to our Guest Relations Department in Germany. The refund application needs to include a complaint form which needs to be filled out on board during your cruise.

Unlike most other ships in the cruise industry, there is no required or recommended tipping on our ships for services that are generally rendered to all guests. Guests should not feel obligated to offer a gratuity for good service. However, all of our staff are encouraged to "go the extra mile", and so they are permitted to accept cash gratuities entirely at the discretion of our guests who wish to acknowledge particular staff members for exceptional or outstanding service. In other words, there is genuinely no need to tip but you should feel free to do so if you have a desire to acknowledge particular individuals.
Also, certain staff positions provide service on an individual basis to only some guests (e.g. beverage services) and do not benefit from the overall service charge. We encourage those guests to acknowledge good service from these staff members with appropriate gratuities. For example, for guests purchasing bar drinks, the recommended gratuity of 20 % is automatically added to their final bill. Similarly, all ships have a service charge of 20 % for all spa and salon services.

Which language is spoken on board?

The international atmosphere aboard our ships is one of the reasons why they are so special. Our on-board language is English, which is why we recommend having a basic knowledge of English when travelling with Norwegian Cruise Line, but our crew and guests come from all over the world.
For special questions and concerns, you can always contact our multilingual international hostess present on the majority of our ships. To ensure that you can fully enjoy our dining options aboard, our restaurant menus on all of our cruises are available not only in English but also in French, German, Italian and Spanish. Menus in Russian are available in the two main dining rooms on board our ships in Europe. On some of our European itineraries and specific sailing dates we also offer besides Shore Excursions in English, German, Italian and Spanish, selected Shore Excursions with French speaking guides (subject to a minimum number of 30 participants). Just ask our Shore Excursion team for details.

Which activities, facilities and services are available on board?

Every day your cruise director is coming up with exciting things to see and do. The Freestyle Daily newsletter on board is the best way to find out all the day´s events, show times, special sales, and a whole lot more. At the beginning of your cruise, join us for the Freestyle Cruising Presentation, where you will learn more about the freedom, fun and flexibility of Freestyle Cruising. Then enjoy a guided tour and get familiar with all the public areas of the ship. Check the Freestyle Daily that you will receive upon check-in at the cruise terminal for details. During the cruise, an advance copy of the Freestyle Daily is delivered to your stateroom every evening so you can plan your next day of fun. You can choose between fitness or computer classes, wine tasting and cooking shows or Karaoke nights, Bingo and sporting competitions; surely there is something suitable for you among the wide variety. If what you are looking for is relaxation you will find that on board, too. Try our spa and wellness oases. Or simply soak up the sun, reclining in a comfortable deck chair. On the following pages you will find a small selection of what awaits you on board.

Relax in the Mandara Spa®
It is time to be pampered. Our fleet wide Mandara Spas® offer the utmost in relaxation and rejuvenation. You can indulge in treatments based on traditional Asian methods, such as a Bali-Press Massage or a Javanese Honey Steam Wrap. Appointments for these services should be made early during your cruise.
The use of the spa on most ships, as well as wellness & beauty treatments are not included in the cruise fare.
Stay in ship shape in our fitness centre
In the fitness centres on board our ships you can work out daily from 06:00 to 23:00 (opening times may vary slightly by ship) and enjoy a different view every day. We also offer fitness classes and seminars with personal trainers. Topics covered may include the following: yoga and/or Pilates, stretch and relaxation, aerobics/spinning/step classes and circuit training. Please note that some of the classes/seminars are offered at a charge. Of course you can also do sports outdoors on our jogging tracks or basketball/volleyball courts. On some ships even tennis matches are possible. And for the adrenaline lovers there is a rock climbing wall on some of our ships and on Norwegian Breakaway you can find the largest ropes course at sea.

Shop on-board - tax and duty-free
With the exception of Hawai´i itineraries, our on-board stores carry tax- and duty-free items like liquor, tobacco, fragrances and cosmetics, as well as casual beach and cruising apparel. You will also find designer watches, stunning pieces of jewellery and more. Please note that in order to comply with Spanish tax regulations we are required to charge Spanish VAT on applicable retail items purchased on board on cruises from/to Barcelona as well as on all other cruises whilst the ship is in Spanish waters.

Casinos at Sea
Try your hand in the best casinos at sea! Blackjack, Roulette and slot machines are only a small selection of what our award-winning casinos have in store for you. And if you need an introduction, try our free gaming lessons. Please note that taking photos or filming is not permitted in the casino.
Due to legislation, there is no casino on Pride of America. On all other vessels, a casino is available that can be used by all guests aged 18 or older.
Bring home a treasure at our Art Auctions at Sea
Whether you are an art aficionado or just interested in seeing a live art auction, you will enjoy one of our art auctions at sea. Each cruise offers you the chance to purchase exceptional artwork from renowned talents like Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali at discounts off normal gallery prices. Anything you purchase can be custom framed and shipped to your home. Art auctions at sea are held two to three times during each cruise. Check the Freestyle Daily newsletter on board for listings and times.

On-board library
A cruise is an excellent opportunity to read a good book or two and you will find that our library on board is a perfect place for that. Of course you can also borrow books from our well-stocked selection (on board Norwegian Epic there is no library available).

Capture your memories with our on-board photographer
Each of our ships has an on-board photographer, who can help you remember your cruise just the way you want. Whether it is an adventure in a port of call, a special event on board the ship or photos with the captain and crew, we will help you make the most of any occasion.

Laundry services
Would not it be nice to return from your cruise with as many clean clothes as you left with? You can, thanks to Norwegian Cruise Line´s on-board laundry service. Laundry, dry cleaning, spot removal and pressing services are available for a small charge. Consult the laundry services order form in your stateroom to find out more. A friendly crew member will pick your laundry up directly from your stateroom and return it to you clean and folded. Now that is a holiday.

Freestyle dinning/restaurants on board
Freestyle Dining – it is actually how Freestyle Cruising began. With no fixed dining times or pre-assigned seating, you will have more freedom throughout your entire cruise holiday. With so many different places to eat on board, you can experience all kinds of dining options – a different one every day if you want.
Included in your cruise fare are two main dining options offering a tempting selection of entrées, our plentiful buffets with made-toorder specials and a variety of casual cafés, grills and on-the-go choices. From fresh-baked breads, desserts and pastries to our chef´s original dishes and vegetarian meals made with the freshest ingredients, everything is created to satisfy and delight. So, if you are looking for a wide variety of menu options or simply want to make some new friends by sharing a dinner table, our main dining rooms could be the right choice. There even is the possibility to dine with the Officers. And if dining ? la pyjamas in bed is in order, room service is at your service 24/7 (delivery charge applies midnight to 05:00).
In addition to all of the complimentary dining available, Norwegian Cruise Line also pioneered the concept of speciality restaurants. With a cover charge between US $10 and US $49 per person (subject to change), you can experience a world of different cuisines and atmospheres – from the finest French bistro at sea to traditional Italian dishes served in a trattoria-style setting. Perhaps you´d enjoy more traditional dining at our signature steakhouse, or if the mood strikes, watch our hibachi chefs prepare delicious entrées tableside at Teppanyaki. Our speciality restaurants work for families too, because children 3-years old and younger eat for free. Children 4- to 12-years old can choose either from a complimentary Kids´ Menu or from the restaurant´s Speciality Kids´ Menu for half price.
And, on most of our ships, your kids will have the choice of their own little dining area with all their favourite dishes. Also, all of our restaurants have high chairs available.
Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate very specific dietary requirements. Please notify us of any requirements you may have upon making your reservation and we will inform you which of them can be met. On the first night at dinner, reconfirm your request with the Maitre d´Hotel.
The exact opening hours of the restaurants are published in the Freestyle Daily newsletter. As a rule, the restaurants are open for dinner from 17:30 until midnight, last admission at 22:30. For the popular speciality restaurants, reservations are recommended and can be made on board. Please take note of the cancellation policies you receive with the confirmation of your reservation. For our main restaurants no reservations are required. Occasionally, you may have to wait to be seated. Aboard our ships, electronic screens located at the restaurant entrances and in public areas show the real-time table availability in all dining venues. Should the restaurant of your choice be fully occupied, you will be provided with a beeper by which you will be notified as soon as your table is ready.
During meals iced water, iced tea, tea and regular coffee are available free of charge. During breakfast, some juices are also included. All other drinks will be charged to your on-board account.
Please note that restaurants are designated non-smoking areas.
If you are a wine connoisseur, then you will love our speciality wines programme. We offer hand-selected speciality wines from all around the world. Just ask to see our speciality wines list and you will be sure to find a selection perfect for any meal or occasion. Wines are available at all restaurants and can also be delivered to your stateroom. If you are looking to learn more about the world of wine, we offer wine tasting classes and sessions.

What type of attire do I need?
Freestyle Cruising is not too dressy, not too casual. In fact, you will find that there are really only two types of attire you will need. Our newest event, Norwegian´s Night Out, is the perfect opportunity to head to the spa for pampering and then get dressed up for an evening of cocktails, fine dining and great entertainment. It is your chance to get your portrait taken with your family, that special someone or even the Captain. You may also want to pack all-white for our iconic White Hot Party. The atmosphere in the mid-ship dining room, the buffet and most of our specialty restaurants is contemporary, so cruise casual attire is perfect. For women, this includes summer and casual dresses, skirts, regular or capri pants, dress shorts, jeans and tops. Khakis, jeans, dress shorts and casual shirts are fine for men. Swimwear is acceptable only at the buffet and outdoor grills and a shirt or a cover-up and footwear are required.
If you choose the more sophisticated atmosphere of the aft main dining room or Le Bistro, we ask that men wear jeans or slacks with a collared shirt and closed-toe shoes. For women, it is slacks or jeans, dresses, skirts and tops. The exception is on embarkation day when all dining venues are cruise casual.
Traditional Bermuda shorts along with long socks, loafers and a blazer are all acceptable during a Bermuda cruise.
We want you to be comfortable, but singlets for men, flip flops, baseball caps, visors, and jeans that are overly faded, with holes or tears and worn below the hips are not permitted in any of our main dining rooms or speciality restaurants. Kids 12 and under are welcome to wear nice shorts in all our restaurants.
Cool cottons are essential in tropical regions; as the evenings can be cooler, remember also to pack a jumper or jacket. Also, warm items, such as a sweater or a warm waterproof jacket, will be needed on the Alaska and Northern Europe cruises. Please note that as customary in the U.S., the restaurants and public areas are freshly air-conditioned.
Of course you can adjust the temperature in your stateroom according to your preferences. Remember to bring sportswear and shoes for the fitness centre. For days in port, comfortable clothes and walking shoes are appropriate.
Please bear in mind that your choice of clothing for Shore Excursions should respect the particular mentality and culture of your host country and that some religious sites require visitors to wear clothing that covers shoulders as well as knees.

Can I be contacted while I am on the ship?
All our ships are equipped with modern satellite telephones for easy shore-to-ship dialling. Receiving and sending faxes and e-mails is also possible (charges apply).
Central telephone number for all ships: 001 732 335 3280 (from U.S. $ 7,95 per minute)
For friends and family who stayed at home: please bear in mind the respective time difference if you would like to reach one of our guests on board and do not forget to keep the ship name, guest name, stateroom number and your own credit card number ready.
Area codes for all fax numbers: 011-870
Fax numbers of our ships:
Norwegian Breakaway area code + 783 208 325
Norwegian Dawn area code + 331 13 07 11
Norwegian Epic area code + 765 04 67 38
Norwegian Gem area code + 761 15 42 45
Norwegian Getaway area code + 783-253-952
Norwegian Jade area code + 764 58 92 59
Norwegian Jewel area code + 764 45 33 13
Norwegian Pearl area code + 783 156 225
Norwegian Sky area code + 331 100 089
Norwegian Spirit area code + 331 174 615
Norwegian Star area code + 331 10 82 15
Norwegian Sun area code + 331 11 09 14
Pride of America area code + 336 97 84 11

Cell phones and Internet access aboard
Most standard cell phones (GSM or CDMA, with standard U.S. 1900 MHz) function in the areas we sail. Roaming service should be set prior to sailing, and international roaming charges may apply. For a fee, you can use your personal computer and mobile devices to connect to our Wi-Fi network. Telephone and fax services are available at applicable ship-to-shore rates.

We are offering the following Internet Plans fleetwide. These new plans can be pre-purchased as an Amenity or purchased onboard.

• Unlimited Social Media Wi-Fi:
View, post, and upload pictures and videos to various social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Supports messaging on apps that include a text/chat service, such as Facebook Messenger, Skype Messenger and WhatsApp. This package does not include email access or web browsing.
Cost Per Day: Online - US $ 12,50; Onboard - US $ 14,99
Unlimited Wi-Fi:
Includes the Social Media plan, plus the ability to send and receive emails, and full Internet access with no streaming.
Cost Per Day: Online - US $ 25,50; Onboard - US $ 29,99
Unlimited Premium Wi-Fi:
All the features of Unlimited WiFi, plus video and audio streaming and VPN access.
Cost Per Day: Online - US $ 29,50; Onboard - US $ 34,99
Pay As You Go:
Guests who do not purchase a plan are charged US $ 0,99 per minute.

In addition, Internet cafés can be found on all ships.
The following rates apply
One-off $3.95 USD (to activate your account)

Is there a doctor on board?
A doctor and a nurse are on each ship to provide medical care and services at customary charges. Commonly used pharmaceuticals are kept on board and may be prescribed by the ship´s doctor.
We recommend purchasing travel health insurance prior to your departure. Please note that the medical facilities and personnel are only equipped to provide basic medical care. We cannot offer care for conditions requiring specialised expertise or equipment. Guests with such conditions, or in the event of an emergency, may be evacuated at the guest´s expense. Please note that our ships are not equipped with a dialysis station.

How can we celebrate a special occasion?

A cruise definitely is an exceptional setting to celebrate a special event. Whether it is a bottle of the finest champagne for a special occasion, a tray of gourmet hors d´oeuvres or just something distinctive to brighten up a stateroom, Bon Voyage and Special Gift choices have it all. We also offer special arrangements for honeymooners and wedding anniversaries. Please have your travel agent advise us of your requests at least two weeks prior to your cruise. All offers as well as prices can be found here.
Gift Certificates
What is the easiest way to make sure that your gift will be exactly what your loved ones want? Purchase a Norwegian Cruise Line On-board Credit Certificate for them. They can be used towards the purchase of almost any item on board the ship and are available in U.S. $ 25 increments.
Mandara Spa® Gift Certifi cates: Can be used toward the purchase of any spa service or item.
For further information please contact your travel agent or our reservations department.

What is the Freestyle cruise rewards programme ?
You have only just arrived on board but can not wait to plan your next cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line? On board you have the possibility to purchase Freestyle Cruise Rewards deposits towards a future cruise with us of US $250 each (The deposit will be the EUR equivalent. The exchange rate is revised on a quarterly basis.).
Our thank you for your loyalty is an on-board credit of US $100 each that you can use on your current cruise to pamper yourself in the spa, splurge in the Gift Shops or take the Shore Excursion that you have always dreamed of. You are free to use it wherever. Please note that for this programme special terms and conditions apply. See our Cruise Consultant on board for full details.
It is so easy to get your free US $100:
• Place your US $250 deposit on a future cruise of six nights or longer by filling out the form you will find on board and drop it off at the Reception Desk or leave it with your Cruise Consultant.
• You do not have to choose your future sail dates or itineraries at that time - just book a new cruise and sail within the next four years.
• Please note that Cruise Rewards can only be redeemed on cruises of six nights and longer.
Purchase a maximum of four Cruise Rewards per person. Limit of one Cruise Reward deposit per one stateroom, only valid for future bookings. Cruise Rewards are fully transferable at no cost. For more information please follow this link.

May I bring my pet?
Sorry, but no pets are allowed on board, with the exception of service animals.

Are there any age limits for drinking on board? May I bring alcohol on board?
Guests under 18 years of age are not allowed to purchase or consume alcohol aboard our fleet. With parental consent, guests aged 18 to 20 can purchase beer or wine for their personal consumption when the ship is sailing in international waters (except Alaska and Hawai´i sailings, where guests must be 21 years or older to purchase and consume alcohol of any kind). Parental consent for alcohol consumption can only be given on board, with the accompanying parent or legal guardian present to fill out the Young Adult Alcoholic Beverage Waiver form at the Guest Services Desk. Notarized parental consent or any other document filled out prior to the cruise will not be accepted. Guests 18 years of age or older are permitted to consume alcoholic beverages when sailing on round-trip European voyages without having to complete the Young Adult Alcoholic Beverage Waiver form.
Guests 21 years and older are allowed to bring bottle(s) of wine or champagne aboard. When consumed on board, there will be a US $15 corkage fee per bottle (750 ml) added to your on-board account. Other alcoholic beverages and liquors are not allowed to be brought aboard for consumption. Any liquor purchased in a port of call will be stored for safekeeping and available for pickup at a designated location on the last evening of the cruise. The Freestyle Daily newsletter will list the location and time for pickup.
Norwegian Cruise Line encourages the responsible use of alcohol and accordingly reserves the right to permanently or temporarily revoke the drinking privileges of any guest who violates Norwegian Cruise Line´s Guest Code of Conduct or who is deemed by vessel management as a danger to himself or herself or others. Continued abuse of alcohol while sailing and/or violation of Norwegian Cruise Line´s alcohol policy may result in immediate disembarkation.

Can I smoke on board?
We want all our guests to be comfortable onboard, so most public areas throughout all Norwegian Cruise Line ships are smoke free. This regulation includes all bars, dining areas, conference rooms, hallways, restrooms, corridors, jogging tracks, sports complex, children´s pool and in The Haven outdoor areas. Guests sailing on a Norwegian cruise holiday are not permitted to smoke in their staterooms. Any guest that does smoke in their staterooms will be charged a cleaning fee of US $250 per stateroom to their on board account. If cigarette burns on furniture, linens, towels or carpeting are detected; guests will be advised and charged for the damages.
As the health and well-being of our guests and crew is of the utmost importance, Norwegian Cruise Line will institute changes to its smoking policy for all sailings on or after November 1, 2014. The specific changes prohibit smoking on stateroom balconies and limit smoking in the casino to players.
On Norwegian Getaway and Norwegian Breakaway, smoking on The Waterfront will be permitted on the starboard side, except by the outdoor dining areas. If you smoke regular or electronic cigarettes, you can do so in designated areas only. The reasoning behind this policy is that electronic cigarettes, due to their appearance, may give other guests the impression that our non-smoking policy onboard is not being enforced.
You are welcome to smoke cigarettes, pipes and cigars in our cigar lounges or in explicitly designated bars and outside areas.

Can there be changes to the itinerary?

Any changes will be brought to your attention prior to or with the confirmation of your booking if possible. For changes that occur after you have received the confirmation of your booking, please see our Terms and Conditions. Rarely, the situation occurs that Norwegian Cruise Line needs to amend the itinerary on short notice in advance of or during the cruise. Such short-term amendments are always justified by serious circumstances and are being executed for your own safety.

How about safety and security?
Norwegian Cruise Line adheres to the highest standards of shipbuilding in the world. All our ships meet the most current SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) specifications. Our ships also pass various annual government safety and sanitation inspections.
On the first day of your cruise, you will be asked to take part in an obligatory life boat drill, where you will learn what to do in case of an emergency. In such an event, you will be asked to go to your assigned muster station (detailed directions to the so-called "assembly station" can be found on the back of your stateroom door). We recommend that you always set your stateroom TV to standby mode to obtain all necessary information through a special channel designated for emergencies. Our ships visit a large number of ports in numerous countries around the world. While it is unlikely, it is possible to have a scheduled stop at what has become a "trouble spot" in terms of crime and/or war or terrorist actions. Therefore, it may be necessary to change the published cruise or Shore Excursion itinerary. Any such changes are for your safety and beyond our control. While your comfort and safety are our top priorities, we cannot guarantee freedom from all risks associated with war, terrorism, crime or other potential sources of harm. We remind all guests that they must ultimately assume responsibility for their actions while ashore. It is strongly recommended that guests and their travel agents obtain and consider information on local conditions issued for example by government institutions when making travel decisions.

Are visitors allowed on board?

For security reasons, only ticketed guests can gain entry to our ships.

Where can I keep my valuables?
All staterooms and suites include a safe for your valuables. Please note, however, that Norwegian Cruise Line is not and cannot be held responsible for the loss of or any damage done to valuables left in staterooms or elsewhere on board.

Will my electrical equipment work on board?

The voltage on board is 110 volts and partly 220 volts AC. For European appliances an adapter may be needed (U.S. norm). Hairdryers are provided in all staterooms and suites.
Some electrical equipment requires special batteries. Make sure to buy those at home, because certain battery types may not be available at some ports.

What time does disembarkation start?
Upon arrival at the port of disembarkation, customs and immigration officials must clear the vessel. This procedure generally takes about two hours. Please ensure that you have arranged for an adequate flight time considering this and the transfer time from pier to airport. Wherever possible we offer Freestyle Disembarkation, which means that there is no need to hurry, so relax over breakfast and step ashore. For further information and the exact disembarkation time, please see the Freestyle Daily newsletter and the information sheet which is delivered to your stateroom closer to disembarkation.
The day before disembarkation you can pick up coloured luggage tags in the reception area that correspond with the time you would like to leave the ship. Please remember that times are approximate. Fix the luggage tags to the pieces of luggage that you would like us to take off the ship for you and place those outside your stateroom door no later than midnight. Do not forget an overnight bag for prescriptions and need-to-have items. Keep documents (passport, proof of ID, airline tickets, etc.) in your carry-on luggage. In the course of the morning, announcements will be made indicating when each "colour" can leave the ship. Please do not disembark until your colour luggage tag has been called. After leaving the vessel, you may claim your luggage at the pier. Lost or damaged luggage must be reported to a Norwegian Cruise Line representative prior to leaving the customs area.
Furthermore, in some ports you can take advantage of our "Easy Walk-Off". This means you can leave the ship as soon as it is cleared by local authorities, carrying all your own luggage off the vessel.

When do I need to settle my account?
The night before disembarkation you will receive a statement of your on-board account listing all your expenses. Please check this invoice carefully. Any complaints should be brought up prior to disembarkation at the reception desk. In case you have registered a credit card, the amount due will be debited automatically, which means that on the day of disembarkation you do not have to check out at the reception desk but can simply leave the ship with your key card. Please note that any purchases made after your final statement was issued will not be charged automatically to your credit card and you will have to pay these extras at the reception desk on the day of disembarkation. An exception to this are items from the minibar consumed on the last evening of the cruise which will be charged to your credit card. Should you have paid the deposit in cash, you will be refunded the remaining part of your deposit at the reception desk in U.S. Dollar.

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