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South America and Antarctica

As if South America were not sunny enough, now we are bringing the beautiful Norwegian Star to this incredible continent. Yet again.


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Cruise Destination South America

As if South America weren`t sunny enough, now we are bringing the beautiful Norwegian Sun to this incredible continent. Yet again. Choose from four distinct itineraries that will take you places far beyond your imagination. Discover the lost city of the Incas from high atop the mountains in Machu Picchu. Mingle among the real "March of the Penguins" in the Falkland Islands, where hundreds of thousands of Magellan penguins make their home. Or cruise Beagle Channel at very southern tip of this mysterious continent and enjoy some crisp fresh air as you marvel the glaciers all around you. If you`ve ever wondered what`s at the end of the rainbow, wonder no more.

South America Destinations

Chilean Fjords
Follow in the wake of Darwin and Magellan around sublime South America.

Exotic Americas
Extend your journey to more mysterious and exotic landscapes in South America. You`ll have a chance to explore archeological ruins and remote natural places few have ever seen.

What is Included?

  • Many dining options, from three-course dining to endless buffets with action stations.
  • Entertainment day & night. Spectacular stage & comedy shows, dance clubs, bars & lounges, piano bars and live music.
  • Fitness center, sports court, pools, and hot tubs.
  • Youth programs for children ages 3-17.

Cruises to Antarctica

Get ready to set sail aboard Norwegian Star, and discover the southernmost edge of the South Pole, Antarctica. Witness breathtaking icebergs and penguins by the beach from the top deck, all as you take in once-in-a-lifetime moments. The most exhilarating experience of your life awaits.

Be Amongst the First to Cruise to Antarctica with Norwegian

Prepare to embark on an experience like you have never had before. When you cruise to Antarctica, you get to take in breathtaking views and infinite beauty from the comfort of your balcony or the top-deck. Set your eyes on whale-abundant waters and catch a glimpse of penguin colonies as you sail past and feel free to experience all the wonder that surrounds you.

Meet Some Friendly Locals

Antarctica is home to some unique sub-species that you will only find in this region of the world. Sail past glaciers where you can spot leopard seals that will greet you with indistinguishable grins. Witness the largest animal to ever exist, the blue whale -- species in Antarctica have been measured to be as big as three school buses! Do not forget to get your camera ready for the Emperor Penguin and other rare bird sightings.


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